Diamond Burial - Your Personal Memorial Diamond

Diamond from Ashes or Hair

The Memorial Diamond as a Loving Farewell

Diamond burial or creating a pure memorial diamond from the deceased's ashes is a relatively new and popular way to say goodbye, allowing you to always carry a part of your loved one with you. The memorial diamond is a symbol of appreciation and true love that extends beyond death.

Diamond burial offers a very personal and intimate form of remembrance compared to traditional burial methods. This valuable diamond can be worn, kept, or further processed by the bereaved, such as setting it in a portrait photo beside a diamond box, a gold chain, or a ring. Many jewelers provide creative and comprehensive advice on this.

Your memorial diamond is a timeless and personal heirloom for generations.

Is the Memorial Diamond a Real Diamond?

Yes, the so-called memorial diamond / the diamond used in diamond burials is a real diamond. It contains the exact same physical, optical, and chemical properties as a natural rough diamond, since it is produced and cultivated through the same natural processes.

The Production of a Diamond from Ashes

Diamant aus der Asche Ihres Geliebten

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