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What problems and costs arise in the event of a death?

Although death is a natural topic like the birth of a human being, it is unfortunately often bypassed or even forgotten by people. After dealing with deceased people of all ages every day for almost 15 years, we unfortunately experience more and more often how the bereaved contact dozens of morticians regarding an offer, and ask the cheapest mortician, even if this may not leave a serious impression on the bereaved, for an installment payment, which unfortunately puts the family in an unpleasant situation, and the mortician either refuses this because of the high expenses, or this is visible in the service and processing.

Please bear in mind that the cost of a funeral in Germany has risen due to the corona pandemic and is no longer the same as it was a year ago.

The funeral costs in Germany are made up of several factors.

1. coroner's fee and issuing of the death certificate by the doctor with possible travel and night surcharges 35 - 220 euros

2. fees for the refrigeration of the deceased (in the hospital, cemetery, forensic medicine, etc.) are charged per day and amount to approx. 25 - 55 euros per day.

3. cemetery administration fees with or without crematorium costs (for cremations). Such as grave usage fees, opening and closing the grave, administration fees, etc. of the municipal cemetery administration are approx. 900 - 3000 euros depending on the federal state and city, excluding gravestone and headstone or grave maintenance.

4. costs of the mortician's services depending on the effort and special requests such as special coffin model, flower arrangements, funeral service with catering, longer transfer journey etc. 2000 - 5000 Euro

5. for repatriations abroad, the following costs are also incurred, such as : Freight costs of the airline (depending on weight)  or travel costs with the hearse 2000 - 5000 Euro, transfer coffin with zinc insert, which is still airtight soldered or sealed, corpse passport fee, additional expenses for dealing with the authorities, consulates, translators, notarization offices, etc., customs clearance and much more .

This can add up to 8000-15,000 euros to the total cost of transporting a deceased person abroad. For this reason, the funeral costs cover would be very worthwhile.

Important note: Please note that we are not an insurance company, but only act as an intermediary for the death benefit insurance of Allianz Versicherung, and are not liable for contractual or similar agreements between you and Allianz. We are not liable for any contractual or similar agreements between you and Allianz.

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