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What to Do in Case of Bereavement?

The death of a loved one is often difficult for the surviving family members to process.

Even if the death may not have been unexpected, it's rare for anyone to remain calm and composed in times of mourning. Since death and burial are often taboo topics within families, few people prepare for their own passing or discuss bereavement within the family.

In the event of a death, relatives and loved ones are often overwhelmed: they must simultaneously manage all the formalities associated with death, prepare for the funeral according to the wishes of the deceased, and ensure that everything is in order.

The following questions are frequently asked:

  • What should be considered in the event of a death?
  • How should one behave in the event of a death?
  • What costs can I expect?
  • What tasks need to be completed in the event of a death?
  • How are funeral services and burials planned for a loved one?

We, at AIM Funerals, offer the following options:

Pre-bereavement Planning: For those who wish to plan their own funeral in advance to ease the burden on their family in the event of their passing, we provide comprehensive guidance. Additionally, we offer cost coverage for future funeral expenses.

In Times of Bereavement: If there is a death in the family, we provide compassionate, personal, and competent support to help you navigate through the difficult time.